Agent Zone

Welcome to the Agent Zone of the Tourism That Cares Collection
We have combined our 24 years of local knowledge of Southern and East Africa, with some amazing service providers that offer excellent service levels in great locations. In many cases, we have been to the locations personally at least once, or one of our guides, managers or contracted operations in-country staff have been there to check on quality and negotiate better rates.

We arrange regular fam/educational trips to lodges and accommodation within Southern and East Africa. Please contact our Sales Manager, Reynard, if you would like to go on one. We also do Agent Training on topics like Serengeti National Park vs Kruger National Park andKruger National Park vs Chobe. We also do in-depth training on the best hotels in the region, or safaris suitable for families, or hands-on training how to best sell a safari in a specific reserve, or area, and what are the key access points.

We have compiled a Rates Manual with wholesale rates and our Nett preferential rate packages.

Please contact us to receive our agent rates manual

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