Kosher Safaris

Glatt Kosher safaris are no mean feat, in a region where there are hundreds of safari lodges, but only a handful, who really open their hearts and doors to the Jewish community’s special religious and dietary requirement needs. We are your African Kosher Safari specialist.

Our passion is to provide all the necessary planning and Kosher catering support, into remote safari areas that form the backbone of every safari enthusiasts trip.

This in turn ties into various city based Jewish communities in Southern or East Africa, such as our unsung heroes Rabbi Blumenfeld and Rabbi Thurgood, who have opened up their hearts and communities to many of our visiting international guests. We wish to thank them personally for their gift of hospitality towards them. Rabbi Blumenfeld, has often brought in a beautifully ornate Sefer Torah to the safari lodges for Minyans. Hearing his deep melodic voice in davening, deep in the African bush, is something to behold.

Our Kosher Safari Packages in Southern Africa are tried and tested on the full spectrum of Kosher clients :  Kosher light, wanting basic Kosher Parev meals made available in remote lodges,  all the way to serving a strict Orthodox client Glatt Kosher meals including Milchik and Fleischik options.

In country where there is only 1 Cholov Yisrael dairy supplier, and where at certain times of the year Mehadrin commission or Beit Yosef meat is in short supply, its all about careful planning.

Through the years we have offered our support to local Jewish senior centres and care homes as volunteers, and also worked with many Jewish clients, who wanted a tailor-made Kosher holiday in Africa. Our network of Beth Din approved suppliers, mashgichim and caterers is large enough to provide you with an excellent Kosher safari or holiday, even in remote areas outside of the larger cities in Southern or East Africa. Our African Kosher Safari packages can be tailor made for your needs.

Our speciality is working out the logistics in getting Kosher catering into the most remote places where there is no Jewish population, or where the local supply of Kosher ingredients is highly limited. If you need a Rabbi, a private Mashgiach or a freelance Kosher chef to travel to your lodge, this can easily be arranged with advanced planning.

To date we are one of the only companies in the world to offer quality Glatt Kosher catering in Botswana, as well as Kenya, Tanzania and even Uganda or Rwanda for those wanting gorilla tracking (These countries offer incredible national parks and world class safaris, but with little to no Jewish population, the logistics are often very limiting to the Jewish traveler).

Kosher – Best of Kenya – 9 Days

8 Nights, 9 Days
From U$D 11075 per person
Kenya Safari, Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara

5 Star Botswana & Vic Falls Safari - 9 Days

8 Nights, 9 Days
From U$D 9575 per person
Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Vic Falls