Caring Tourism

Sustainable or Responsible Tourism is perhaps one way of describing “Caring Tourism”.
We are passionate about is using tourism to create awareness and also sowing profits into charities that are not directly benefiting from tourism income because they are not located near a typical tourist area.
Caring tourism is also way of giving tourists insight into the reality of Africa, not by shock tactics or depressing impersonal statistics, but by celebrating the positive steps being made by individuals and communities to become beacons of hope in poor conditions. Our donations go towards helping these people become more self sustaining, and give them skills to earn income, live more responsible lives, or receive care to heal them from the downward spiral of disease or poverty related trauma.

We bridge this gap by offering visitors first hand insights into fantastic charities who are making an impact in the lives of many marginalized people.

Our support and commitment is long term and out of sight the majority of the time, as we do not want to foster any form of “show and tell” forms of tourism.

The result is, IF you are interested in meeting the “unsung heroes” of these communities , it will be arranged purely on relational lines. We arrange these visits purely with the intention of giving you insights into these wonderful people that are making a difference in poor communities. There is NO EXPECTATION or PRESSURE whatsoever to make a donation.
Special thanks go to Tim Walker of Village of Hope for many of his photographic contributions on this website including scenes of the projects and areas they work in, and some wildlife photography.

Are you inspired to start making a difference?

Please contact us to make a donation to a closely affiliated charity or book a trip that will take you to visit and uplift under-privileged African communities.

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