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Mozambique has quickly become the diamond-in-the-rough destination for luxury beach and island holidays. Many of its hidden gems border the Indian Ocean, in areas like Ponta Mamoli, Machangulo Peninsula, and the island of Benguerra. These areas have also been made easy to access through major international airports in Vilankulos and Maputo – and where previous you would have had to take a helicopter charter, you can now catch a short water or road transfer. This makes Mozambique a good-value destination.
Many of our travelers like to couple their stay in Mozambique with a safari experience in the lower part of the Kruger National Park. Its as simple as joining either Vilankulos or Maputo with a short charter flight or road transfer. This is where our extensive expertise of the area comes into effect, and we’ll be able to get you to your beach holiday without too much effort. 

Mozambique Highlights:

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Located in the south, within 1 hours drive of the South African border, is the capital of this sunny country, and Mozambique’s major port. Its offers historic Portuguese colonial architecture, and a number of resorts are situated close to the city limits, and is also known for its markets and culinary delights. The nearby INHACA Island is a 1 hour ferry ride from the main port offering the most affordable of the tropical island options in this nation.

This collection of 5 idyllic islands midway up the Indian Ocean coastline, with direct flights into Vilanculos, is quite easily the most exclusive, unique and well known area of Mozambique. It is a beloved location for honeymooners, offering romantic resorts, which rival, if not exceed the options available in Seychelles and Mauritius. The resorts tend to be a lot smaller and more personalized than the massive resorts in Mauritius, and are therefore a lot more popular with the tourist seeking personalized service and privacy.

This island is protected as a conservation area, is definitely the jewel of the region. Famed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” this natural paradise is a delight with its coral reefs and white sandy beaches, while the selection of accommodation choices were carefully developed to blend into the natural environment and retaining a charming, natural ambience.


This northern town offers access to remote islands of northern Mozambique bordering on Tanzania. There is a small collection of islands some of them offering PRIVATE ISLAND holidays, namely one resort on the whole island. Names such as Quilalea and Medjumbe offer exclusive experiences for those wanting a tropical island experience second to none.

The countries’ wild inland regions are gaining in popularity and places like Niassa lake, bordering Tanzania and Malawi, is celebrated as an untouched piece of African wilderness while a wildlife safari can be enjoyed at Gorongosa National Park. Overall Mozambique is an unspoiled country and an excellent choice both as sole destination or combined with a safari excursion in Kruger National Park.