African Luxury Kosher Safari

15.04.16 11:45 PM

African Luxury Kosher Safari destinations:

South Africa offer a wide selection of Kosher friendly Safari lodges.  South Africa have a large Jewish population in the major cities of Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town. The strictest of our Kosher clients are satisfied with the level of Kosher food prepared at our lodges.  Our challenge comes when going into remote safari areas of South Africa, from a Kosher ingredients perspective, and from a preparation perspective our chefs are trained in Kosher cooking.

With some careful planning we have solved Luxury African Kosher Safaris for our clients.  In Cape Town, Johannesburg or Plettenberg Bay that is on the Garden Route we use accommodations that enable clients Fully Shomer Shabbos to be easy walking distance access to the nearest Shul.

Luxury Kosher Safaris is now also available in Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya.  This gives us Luxury Kosher Safaris in Kenya.  Budget African Kosher Safari in Kenya is much trickier as this is remote.  Kosher on a much more basic level are presented to clients of a Kosher level in Kenya.

Luxury Botswana Safari and Luxury Kosher Botswana Safaris is available now.  One of our Lodges in the Okavango Delta offer Kosher to our clients.  They have a full Kosher kitchen in Botswana.  This is also suitable for our more budget conscious Kosher clients that want to visit the Okavango Delta and Botswana. Botswana Kosher vacation are available and we can send you a quotation on true availability for the Kosher Safari options in Africa.

Victoria Falls for Kosher Safari clients are available.  Luxury Kosher Safari in Livingstone is of the highest quality as there is a Kosher Kitchen in Livingstone, Zambia.  From Livingstone our Kosher Safari clients will be taken to the Zimbabwe side of the Victoria Falls for the best view of the Victoria falls. For more information regarding our Kosher Safari options in Victoria Falls, please contact us today.  We can also offer budget Kosher Safari options in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe as well as Kosher Safari Packages in Livingstone, Zambia.

African Kosher Safari in Namibia is available as a Kosher Group tour in Namibia.  Kosher Namibia tour packages are available only in groups as there are lots of planning before the trip can take place.  There are no Shul in Namibia so please be aware of this. Luxury Kosher tour in Namibia can be arranged.  Please contact us for any enquiry regarding Kosher Safari tours in Namibia.

African Kosher Safari in Tanzania can be done on a Luxury basis. Please contact us for all you Luxury Kosher Safari packages in Africa.  We cover Kosher Safari in Africa for Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.

Tourism that Cares is pioneering family and couples doing Kosher Vacations in Africa, who have little or no permanent Jewish population. Thanks to an detailed logistical network, we have been able to supply a small yet approved selection of Kosher ingredients to our Kosher friendly Safari Lodges.  This is ground breaking news for families, and couples who do not want to be part of a large Jewish Tour group, who have paid for Mashgiach / Chef to come with the group.  Now we can offer Luxury Kosher Safari at a basic level in these countries.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your African Kosher Vacation Options.  We combine African Kosher Safari with Kosher African vacation on the Garden Route or Kosher Villas in Cape Town.

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