Are you looking for an English Language School in Cape Town?

By - Jo Wagner
17.08.15 08:28 PM
Well, good news, One World Language School (OWLS) offer year-round opportunities for international visitors and students around the world to learn English while taking advantage of the many wonderful sight-seeing opportunities available in South Africa.

They provide their clients with the opportunity to:
  • Engage in communicative, interactive activities and exercises to help you learn English.
  • Meet your goals to learn English quickly.
  • Gain confidence to speak English.
  • Learn aspects of South African culture while using English.
  • Study specific language skills such as grammar, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Meet peers from around the world.

Their English courses include General and Intensive English, Business English and Exam preparation courses. They also offer one-to-one classes and develop tailor-made courses to suit clients’ interests and budgets where possible. And to encourage and support the language learners, OWLS offer a range of exciting activities and sight-seeing opportunities so that learners can put into practice their newly acquired skills in a relaxed and authentic learning situation.

Their prices are unmatched by their competitors as is their high standard of service. They give clients what they want.

Jo Wagner