When is the best time to visit Etosha National Park

By - Jo Wagner
19.04.16 08:42 PM

Best time to visit Etosha National Park

The drier southern winter months from May to October is the best period to visit Etosha National Park. Since this is the popular season Etosha may feel at times crowded. The vegetation is less lush and with the grass being low wildlife viewing is better than any other time of the year. Wildlife concentrates at the waterholes all of which are accessible via a good road system.

the mid-winter months of June to August the night temperatures can at times be chilly and warm clothing is recommended for early morning and late afternoon outings especially on open vehicles. During August and September when the water supply has dwindled to a minimum large herds of elephants, buck, Zebras and other wildlife are found at the waterholes and animals of prey are active often in full view of visitors to the park.

Many of the pans are empty and the opportunity for unique landscape photography is excellent. Advanced booking is essential to avoid disappointments as many of the camps are full. Soon after the first spring rains many of the animals have young ones and it is a delight to watch many of the buck species and other wildlife gathered protectively around their newborn. Etosha is transformed from a dusty and white sandy landscape to a green paradise.

Pans fill with water and attract many wetland birds and flamingos. November to February is regarded as low season and Etosha and most of the parks in Namibia are quiet as temperatures rise high during the day- accommodation becomes more freely available and prices are often discounted. The larger mammals such as elephants tend to move northwards towards the area around Namutoni camp with its higher rainfall than the southern parts at Okaukeujo.

The rainy months from January to March offer an interesting alternative when the pans fill up after rain showers and the surrounding bush areas are green and lush. Travelling during this period is generally not a problem but can be limited when parts of the park become flooded and are inaccessible at times for short periods.
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