Best time to visit Serengeti National Park

By - Jo Wagner
19.04.16 08:19 PM

Best time to visit Serengeti

Serengeti wildlife viewing is overall good throughout the year. Some areas are better at times but the dry season from June to September are regarded as the best months with the wildebeest migration the annual highlight. The large scale migration varies year-on-year in June and July and takes place all along the western corridor of the Serengeti.

Serengeti’s wide open plains offer some of the most spectacular views of the movement of large herds of animals. Along the borders animals are generally better spotted at waterholes and rivers with the vegetation being less lush during winter. Early mornings and nights are cool and warm clothes are recommended especially when driving in open vehicles. With the dry winter weather there are also less mosquitoes lowering the chances for malaria.

The wildebeest calve from January to February and predator action is at its highest. The young calves are normally strong enough to undertake the migration by early June. For most of the year from July to March the Serengeti is crowded around the Seronera region. The presence of migratory birds make this also great birdwatching months. The peak wet season from March and April with regular afternoon storms are the least popular months and are regarded as the low season and visitors can expect lower prices with June to October being high season and the best weather months with little or no rain.
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Jo Wagner