How to Journey with a Purpose in Botswana

By - Jo Wagner
25.01.19 11:45 PM
Tourism can make a lasting and positive impact. This impact comes from traveling responsibly. What do we mean by that? Well, in short; there are travel companies that see to the need of the environment and make it their utmost priority to care about the people they influence. They aim to preserve wilderness areas and raise up impoverished communities. All while ensuring you as the short-term visitor to the African continent, experience amazing accommodation, scenery and service. We as a tourism company, prioritize tours and safaris using lodges who are proactive in responsible forms of tourism. 

We Care

One such organisation, is Desert & Delta Safaris. Located in the stunning country of Botswana, they’re one of the leading safari lodge owners that practice what they preach. They’re driven by a caring company model. Caring about the environment, empowering the people they employ, and about your holistic experience with them as a guest. With that at their heart of operations, we go hand-in-hand with them to change destinies of impoverished communities and sensitive eco-systems, one journey at a time.

What does our “caring spectrum” look like? Basically, we promote lodges themselves that take the initiative, in creating and running programs within their business – that overall, make travelling purposeful. For starters, some have an onsite, company doctors, who constantly see to the medical needs of all their staff. Then there’s a lodge in Botswana, that continues to surge ahead in Eco-tourism innovation. Chobe Game Lodge pride themselves in having 8 electric safari vehicles. They can now ensure that when you go exploring, you leave no major carbon footprint. Also, at Chobe Game Lodge, you can find female rangers leading safaris which takes a massive leap forward in equality. In other lodges all over the Okavango Delta, using an intern program, they have taken Botswana’s poorest people and given them training up to management level. Enabling them to build themselves a meaningful and financially stable career in tourism.

These initiatives and lodges take centre stage in our Journeys with a Purpose packages, and we invite you to join us on a trip of a lifetime. As a traveller using these packages, you’ll be part of driving the future of responsible tourism.

Behind the Veil

Every safari group and lodge has a face behind the veil. Its either a face that shows passion about caring for the environment around us, or one of ignorance. We’ve taken the liberty and hand-picked lodges that are at the cutting edge of sustainable tourism in Botswana. Specifically honing in on ones that conduct their business in a manner that cares, and compliment our ethos of going on a journey with a purpose. Whether that purpose is to inspire a community or support eco-friendly initiatives; we at Tourism That Cares invite you to be a part of it!

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