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MalaMala Rattray’s Camp combines humble luxury and romantic charm with unrivalled game viewing. Hidden in a forest of green, along the edge of the world-renowned Sand River,
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17.09.19 09:21 PM - Comment(s)
Kapama Karula (5-Star) is without question the cream of the crop when it comes to Big-5 safaris and will have you mesmerised with its panoramic
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11.09.19 08:28 PM - Comment(s)
If you are looking for a magical getaway in East Africa, Ehlane Plains Camp in the eastern region of the Serengeti in Tanzania should be
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Planning a Kosher Safari Holiday? Thanks to a fairly healthy sized Jewish community in 2 of the largest cities in South Africa, namely Johannesburg and
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05.08.15 06:05 PM - Comment(s)
Where to go in Africa in December? This is the time of the year to visit the southern coastal regions with its warm, dry climate.
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04.08.15 10:46 PM - Comment(s)
Almost immediately from our arrival we hardly saw our teenage kids for days who later on told us they participated in a mini-ranger course, attended baking and cooking classes, did a spell of mountain biking and learned how to do archery. We went on a walking safari and visited a local community cen...
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